For over thirty years, the Australian Childhood Foundation has been working to protect children from abuse, neglect and family violence.

Our approach is a multi-faceted one:

  • we apply the evidence from neuroscience to help children heal from the hurt of abuse and neglect;
  • we promote and build stable and secure relationships for all children;
  • we work in partnership to have a collective impact on the lives of traumatised children and families;
  • we relentlessly advocate for the needs of children;
  • and we educate and empower communities to safeguard children.


Thank you for choosing to support Australian Childhood Foundation and join our Big Hearts Club – together we can stand up for children traumatised by abuse, family violence and neglect and show them that they are part of a community that wants them to be happy and safe. Your fundraising will make a big difference to helping these children reclaim their childhoods.