Trevor van Herpt has one very dedicated daughter. Originally from New Zealand, Sarah is now the Bear Manager at Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre where she and the team care for 173 bears rescued from the bile trade. But when Sarah went home to Christchurch last Christmas, one thing she wanted to take back was a better pair of gumboots! She’s in gumboots all day and really wanted something comfortable. That gave Trevor an idea…

A bit similar to our Beards for Bears fundraiser we launched in May, Beards for Boots is all about growing a beard to raise money to buy…boots!

After visiting the Sanctuary in May this year and seeing the dedicated staff there I wondered about doing something just for the staff and thought it would be great to get some better gumboots for them. After the trip my 2 brothers and myself started a competition to go unshaven for 12 months – this led to me thinking why not combine the two. People shave heads to raise funds, why not do the opposite.” Trevor van Herpt.

Will you help Trevor and the dedicated staff at Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre by helping us raise $10,000 to buy every member of staff a pair of Skellerup Red Band gumboots?

Set your goal to grow a beard for a certain amount of days, months or even a year! Gather sponsors on the way or raise funds when you shave it off- it’s up to you (or until your partner says they’ve had enough)! Sign up now.

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