YBRPA Move-a-thon

By Council for Jewish Education

At Yeshivah – Beth Rivkah Colleges our dedicated teachers extend our children’s knowledge in the classroom each day. From Gemora to Maths, English to Ivrit, new concepts, ideas and information are delivered daily.

But we must not forget the value of ‘play’! Our children gain considerably from the unstructured nature of ‘play’ – and we are constantly aiming to improve the play offerings available to our students.

Yeshivah – Beth Rivkah relies on the assistance of generous donors to help us develop and improve our school facilities, to create environments in which our children can thrive.

We hope you can assist us in our mission to enhance and improve our playgrounds at Yeshivah – Beth Rivkah.

Over the next few months, our aim is to raise $220,000 that will be donated straight to the school.  There are currently 4 projects we are working on;

  • Beth Rivkah Sports Arena (an upgrade to the tennis courts) - $42,000
  • Yeshivah Primary Library upgrade - $8,000
  • Beth Rivkah Primary School Playground - $120,000
  • Beth Rivkah Secondary grass area - $45,000
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