Urgent Help Required For Hay Drive

By Herd2homes Dog Rescue


H2H Drought Dogs Drive For the last 6 weeks we have been quietly helping those farmers who have gotten in touch with us, but after the outpouring of requests of how you can all help us and if you can donate to help farmers keep their beloved working dogs, we couldn’t ignore your pleas anymore! So we are starting this fundraiser to expand our efforts, starting with a trip right through some of the hardest hit drought affected areas of NSW from the 26th October through to the 2nd of November.

We will be holding a couple of small events, and working with local businesses in these towns to also help support them, to provide dog food, wormers, flea & tick treatments, collars to help them care for and keep their working dogs. We will also be spreading our message of help, in regards to temporary care and rehoming of working dogs where needed. Your donations will help fund the food, treatments and other products we will purchase in the local towns as much as is possible (so as to help as many local businesses affected by the drought, as is possible).

We will also be distributing the donated food and goods that have been sent to us. From our many conversations, we understand that while it is only a small part of what our farmers are experiencing, it will be a relief to have one less thing to worry about, and know that their dogs are receiving the care they need throughout this. Please if you would like to help, donate to support this initiative and we will also be able to plan more in the near future as well.

Thanks so much. Peri, Jennie and Team

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