Urgent Help for Ruby

By Safe Pets Safe Families


We need your urgent help for precious Ruby the dog. We are all stressed and really need you to help us tonight 

It's urgent & we need everyone to chip in to help Ruby. Ruby got hit by a car & has extensive injuries to both of her back legs. She has had 1 surgery & intensive care so far , but is needing more surgeries & intensive care. The total cost of the vet bills is $10,000, the owner has already managed to raise just over $4,000 herself, but is in desperate need to raise the rest. Ruby is a much loved family member to a family with children.

This family has previously come out of domestic violence & Ruby has been instrumental in helping this family heal from this traumatic experience. Not only has Ruby been an awesome companion, playmate & source of entertainment to the children, she has also been a great comfort to the mother.

In the words of the owner "She is my life force, my support, my bestest friend. She is only 4yrs old I can't lose her due to the fact that I can't pay for her upfront." "She has gotten our family through hell & back with so much love, patience & grace. She picks up on my anxiety & gets me through my depression. Ruby is my emotional support. Every single day I can rely on her no matter what, now she needs to be able to rely on me."

As you can see we need to do everything we can to help Ruby.

While the owner has been proactive in raising funds, for Ruby's care so far., she urgently needs our help to raise $6,000. This is as urgent as it gets. We need to raise the money by the morning.

Just $5 from each and every one of you would help us so much. It’s the cost of your next cup of coffee but one that will help so much. 

If you could please write the word DONE below after you have donated that would be great and please remember to share this post far and wide. 

Please help us in this time of need.

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