Urgent Help for POPE

By All Breeds Canine Rescue


We would like to introduce you to Pope, the newest member of our rescue crew! Pope was a very, loved boy, but unfortunately his list of issues and requires level of care was not fair on his previous family.

Pope has spinal issues 😭 Before coming to us, he had an MRI and was found that Pope has Vertebral canal stenosis and secondary degenerative intervertebral disc disease, from what we can gather the MRI needed to be followed up by a CT scan to confirm the above and make a plan for the future. But the CT wasn’t completed. We need to get him booked in with our specialists as soon as we can, so we can find out exactly what is going on and how we can deal with it and most importantly fix it.

On top of this, Pope has bilateral cherry eye which is very common in the breed, this is something that needs repairing ASAP and he needs assessment for his severe tail pocket. This tail pocket is one of the worst we’ve seen with being able to put to your second pointer finger knuckle in. On top of all of this Pope does not have the best breathing and could really do with some help in this area. So assessment on his palate is a must as well but this is looking like the least of Popes issues.

We have Pope booked in this Wednesday for his cherry eye repairs and he is tentatively booked in with the specialist on Friday, we really want to get this sorted before the Christmas break but as you saw our Guardian Angel Christmas Appeal and our heart murmur babies we honestly are not able to do this until we have some bills paid off.

We urgently need to raise at least $4,000 this will repair Pope’s eyes and also get his CT scan done – every dollar you donate will go straight to helping Pope. We receive no government funding so desperately need your help.

Just $5 from each and every one of you would get us over the line. It’s just the cost of your next cup of coffee but one that will help Pope so much.

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Laura Jenkinson 2021-01-11 14:42:03
Good luck gorgeous boy!!
Kate Jones 2021-01-09 17:38:33
Amanda Holly 2021-01-09 11:11:16
Good luck
Rachael Watter Miller 2020-12-17 21:47:43
Anonymous 2020-12-17 21:15:08
Wishing with all my heart you are feeling better soon pope
Raelene Ikin 2020-12-17 10:13:59
I hope Pope feels better soon xoxo
Kheyla Rojas 2020-12-17 00:48:00
Anonymous 2020-12-17 00:17:08
Shannon Hines 2020-12-16 22:19:45
Jasmine Qiu 2020-12-16 22:15:28
Anonymous 2020-12-16 22:09:35
Caliba health health 2020-12-16 21:47:36
KRISTY DRIVER 2020-12-16 21:45:56
Sharona Liddell 2020-12-16 21:40:18
Carolyn Mikkelsen 2020-12-16 21:36:19
Trina Black 2020-12-16 21:25:38
ABC Rescue Rescue 2020-12-16 21:24:01
Anonymous 2020-12-16 21:21:20
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