Urgent Help For our Rescue

By Qld Staffy & Amstaff Rescue


We need your urgent help. This is our SOS for your help. We have so many vet bills and need to clear them immediately. Please please help us in our time of need.


I want to tell you about our beautiful girl BB. She originally came from a deplorable home, only to find herself in a rural pound in need of urgent rescue. She made her long journey to Brisbane last week. She has tested positive on her entry vet check and is now scheduled for heartworm treatment to commence ASAP. 

Also there is Baxter, the sweet man, came from a horrible background into rescue, only to discover he was HW+. This little man has had a hard with his treatment as he is a bit of a free spirit and does not favour being told he can't do zoomies.

I also want to tell you about Kevin, the amazing little guy, dumped in far north qld, left for dead. We just got the save in time to stop him being put to sleep and had him come down to Brisbane to commence treatment for his heartworms immediately.

 The costs just add up. There are just a few of the cases where our rescue has stepped in at the last minute to save a life. That’s what we do, it is in our blood. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our team are all exhausted, tired mentally and physically but it is all worth it when we save lives. We have sacrificed weekends and nights for our dogs in our care. It is all worth it in the end, we were put on this planet to rescue and we will continue to do that but we just need your help tonight.

Our vet bills are more than $15,000 and without your help tonight we are worried that we won’t be able to keep on helping those that need us in the most desperate situation.

 We receive no government funding so are completely reliant on your help. Just $5 from each and every one of you would help us so much.

It’s the cost of your next cup of coffee but one that will help save a life. If you could also please write the word DONE below after you have donated that would be great and remember to please share this post far and wide.

We need you tonight.  We are seriously putting it all on the line. This is our desperate plea for your help 

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