Urgent Help for MOLLY

By Labrador Rescue


We need your help tonight. We need your help for Molly tonight.

Molly came to us 4 months ago.  She was a little nervous but to be expected. It took a few weeks for her to settle down and get over the infection she had and to get use to the two insulin jabs a day. A new fresh food diet and exercise helped to shed weight and she is an impressive 5kg lighter now. 

She is wonderful and I’m sure the real reason my friends visit so much. Her Diabetes has settled down, her weight stabilised and energy increased. We thought everything was under control. But unfortunately, it wasn’t…

So it was a real shock just two weeks ago when she began to stumble on kerbs and bump into things.

Her eye sight has gone completely, nearly over night which must be terrifying. Eyes deteriorate as we all age but from 20/ 20 to nothing is shocking. When a lab is not to be able to see food in front of her you know it’s an issue. To her credit she is adjusting and I have to be honest she has had some funny moments, maybe I should laugh but I’d cry if I didn’t.

However we need to do something for Molly urgently.. We can’t let this continue. So next week we have booked an appointment at a specialist which is likely to lead to an operation hopefully to restore her sight.

It’s going to be costly. At least $4,000 and that’s just for the operation alone.

At just 6 she is too young to give up chasing seagulls on the beach even thought we all know she will never catch one, we all need a little hope in our lives after all. 

Just $5 from each and every one of you would get us over the line. It’s just the cost of your next cup of coffee in the morning but one that will help restore her sight.

We need to do this for Molly. I know we can together.

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