Urgent Help for Meg

By Kaya's Mission


Some of you may remember Meg who came into our care almost 2 years ago. Meg had a significant heart murmur with our vets estimating that she may only have 12 - 18 months maximum to live. Meg commenced medication and it was decided that she would remain in forever foster care with our carers Robyn and John.

The plans changed a little when Meg was introduced to the next foster Lilly and they became the best of friends. When it was time for Lilly to progress to adoption it was decided the Meg would also need to go with Lilly given the bond they had. They went off together with the knowledge that Meg may not have the longest life. In the last week Meg has come down with a condition called Pyometra - an infection of the uterus which is a result of having a dog undesexed.

We make the best decisions we can for the dogs we have in our care at the time. Along with our vets when meg presented the decision was made not to desex her given the risk this would cause to her heart. Unfortunately this is a consequence of this and also her living a longer life than any of us expected. Pyometra is a serious condition and if not caught early can result in death. Meg has come back to Gippsland and and will stay with Robyn and John once she is well enough to be discharged and is in care with our vets.

She is far from out of the woods as her temperature has remained low since the surgery and we are hopeful tomorrow will bring some better news. Meg has had surgery to remove her uterus (desexed) and she remains in the vet hospital.

Meg’s vet bill is climbing at currently sits around $2,000. Unfortunately in situations like these when unexpected costs come along we need to re assess and that can mean reducing the amount of dogs we can take in if we are unable to continue to finance vet bills.

Please help us continue the work we do to rehabilitate dogs just like Meg.

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