Urgent Help for BEAR

By Qld Staffy & Amstaff Rescue

Hurrrooooo I’m Bear and I have an ummmm embarrassing errrrr seriously not cool problem.

You see I have a sore bott bott, ok there I said it. So I look like this rugged, tough guy right? If you look at my face, I sort of am.......but hiding behind my brave face is a world of pain. I hope you will spare the time to read my story?

So I was recently surrendered to SABBR by the person who got me as a 6 week old puppy. I am now 7 years old.

SABBR were told that I was in good health, but this is far from the truth. The ladies who picked me up from a service station, yep, I was handed over on a highway, saw straight away that I had some serious issues. They noticed the large lump near my Bott Bott immediately, then they began to look me over and found all of the things that have been hurting me for so long.

Here’s the list:-

My sore, swollen Bott Bott that hurts me a lot when I try to poop.

My manly under carriage was all red and inflamed as were my hairy pickled onions (apparently I wont have these for much longer)

My feet between my toes were all angry and inflamed.

I had a number of old wounds on my back leg and my tail and then when they thought it couldn’t get any worse.....

They looked at my ears to find a nasty infection that has received no treatment and were so sore and crusty.

They had tears in their eyes! I snuggled them and told them that I am tough but they told me that no doggy ever deserves to be in so much pain and that they were taking me to some amazing people who would make sure that I get the care I need.

They took photos which I am sharing with you because they pawmised me that they will make sure no one shows another doggy so that I don’t get laughed at when I am out walking with doggy friends.

Can you help me get the surgery i need? I am DESPERATE. I've been living in pain for too long now!

If just 600 of our kind supporters donated just $5 each we would reach our target of $3,000

Bear 🐾👅🐾

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