Urgent Help for Archie

By Puppy Tales Rescue and Rehoming Inc


Please read this post in full. It pains my heart but this is one of our biggest mission’s ever and we need your help.

Archie needs help, now!

At just 6 months old, this little man has been in a world of pain.

When we first offered to take Archie in, we knew he had elbow dysplasia. We were prepared to help him and give him the best start to his life. 

When he walked into the room I knew straight away that he had so much more going on. He had muscle wastage in his back end and walked with his knees in.

Archie attended our vets on Thursday where he had xrays done. Unfortunately they revealed that not only did our boy have elbow dysplasia, his hips were the worst I’ve ever seen on such a young pup. We have been keeping him comfortable on anti inflammatories but he needed specialist care.

Off to Advanced Vet Care this morning to see Dr Sam Long. During the exam it was evident that even only after 4 days his hips had become worse and his left side was almost completely out of the socket.

We sent him straight through for surgery, TPO - Triple Pelvic Osteotomy, on his left hip.

In 2 weeks time he will undergo the same surgery on his right hip. Once he has fully recovered and completed rehabilitation, he will then go in for his elbow to be repaired.

We urgently need to raise $11,000 for him tonight (gulp). I know we can do this if you all chip in. We just have to do this for Archie.

I’ve been tossing and turning all week but I’ve just had to let you know the situation.

Can you help us urgently raise these much needed funds to help save Archie and relieve his pain?? 

Just $5 from each and every one of you would help get us over the line. It’s just $5 but the best amount of money you will spend all week.

I’m hoping I wake up to a miracle in the morning.


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