Urgent Help for 4 Poor PEIS

By Joanne Tobias


Tonight we are counting on you. It is our biggest rescue mission that this organization has embarked on. We have not 1 but 4 poor Peis coming into our care. It pains my heart but we just couldn’t say No to these beautiful creatures. However, each has their own issues which we will have to resolve and it’s going to be costly. Really costly. We are counting on you tonight. 

We have CHINKI who is a 3yr old male Chocolate Pei who came into the facility (rural NSW pound) as a stray and no one has claimed him. He is in extremely poor condition. Severely malnourished with terrible skin issues and ear infections. He will also need entropion surgery and desexing during his road to recovery and happiness.
ERNIE is a tough pei boy from Rockhampton Pound. Sadly he has contracted the heinous virus which is Parvo but thankfully and is going to pull thru and in recovery for that!!! He is required to stay in quarantine care for 10 days, before he is able to make his journey to WA. When he arrives he will require TLC along with desexing and entropion surgery. This boy has already been through so much we can’t let him down.

FRANK is a 2 yr old Black male Pei cross, he is an unclaimed stray in a rural NSW pound. He is in great condition health wise but He will need desexing and entropion surgery. Frank is a sweetheart and great to walk on the lead. He is very affectionate. He has been assessed with other dogs and he was reactive to them so we will need to do some behavioural work with him on that.

SUNNI is an absolutely delightful young lady who is currently in rural NSW. She has had a really rough past, used for continual back yard breeding and extremely neglected before coming into care. However Sunni is doing it a bit tough, the situation and environment which she is in is not suitable for her and the rescue group she is currently under do not have the resources or Pei specific knowledge (normally dealing with working dogs) to give this girl the life she deserves. She needs entropion surgery, and has some resource guarding issues so will require some behavioural work to address and did that.

We are counting on you. It is our biggest rescue mission and we need your help. All 4 will also require road transport as well as flights to Perth. It’s going to be costly and we will need at least $4,000.

We are asking you to donate just $5 each, the cost of a lamington for Australia Day. Please help us raise the funds and also please share this post with your friends.


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