Urgent Fire Rescue

By Kaya's Mission


As many of you would be aware, Gippsland is currently surrounded with fires. Unfortunately, where we are, there is ash constantly falling from the sky. It’s pretty scare to be honest. I’m just hoping for the best. I haven’t been able to sleep all night, but we are just praying for the best…

Today we did a dash run to rescue these 10 new faces with the concern around unpredictable fire conditions. These are all ex breeding girls who will in the coming weeks start their new life.

Currently some of our carers are needing to protect their property or consider leaving due to risk the fires pose. Given the volume of dogs we made contact with Eastside Kennels explaining our difficult situation.

They agreed immediately to help us out housing these guys for the next few immediate days until the fire activity dies down.

As you can imagine housing these guys for the next few days and vet treatment that will be required all comes at a significant cost (gulp).

We need your help as rescues of this size costs will cost thousands and thousands to vet work, house and rehabilitate these guys.

Tonight, as we face an uncertain future with the fires burning very close to us, we need to raise $7,000 to help us cover these costs.

As you sit back on the lounge tonight with your loved ones think about these poor dogs we have just saved. Just $5, the cost of a cold glass of champagne is all we are asking for. It would mean the world so we know for sure we have the funds needed to help these sweet creatures in these uncertain and scary times.



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