Tims beard is for the bears!

By Tim 'the bear' South

I love bears, I hate beards, my team loves me, I love being a team player...therefore I am growing my beard for the bears I love...
Donate now to help Animals Asia, the more money raised the more reason to grow my beard! 

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Think of all the money you ll save on beard oil once you shave!
Kaye Lyssy Berman 2018-05-24 00:10:18
Well done Tim!
Anonymous 2018-05-23 22:47:27
Go go go!
Reza Islam 2018-05-23 22:04:51
Grow Tim, grow!
Paula Burton 2018-05-17 01:38:39
Go Tim Thank you for taking one for the team..... next year Reza s up D !! x
Gill Maltby 2018-05-16 19:40:55
Well done Tim! Proud of YOU!!
Tele Lam 2018-05-16 15:30:09
Well done Tim!
Anne Lloyd-Jones 2018-05-16 12:23:06
Good luck bro, you will soon have more hair on your chin than your head!
Jonathan South 2018-05-15 22:35:24
Long live your beard! Well done Tim, can t wait to see it in Vietnam xx
Connie Lo 2018-04-30 13:38:38
From your furry friends in China and Vietnam Tim thank you for being a bear. Delaney, Nicole and family x
Jill Robinson 2018-04-23 21:14:26
Go Tim! So proud of you!
Bianca Fischer 2018-04-23 20:41:28
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