Robina Lions Club supporting Big Red Kidney Bus

By Robina Lions Club

Having the option to go camping or having a holiday by the seaside …  most of us Aussies would take it for granted. But not if you need regular kidney dialysis just to survive.

Imagine you can never ever go on holiday. Not even for a simple camping holiday.

This is the stark reality for many people who rely on regular dialysis to survive, which is why Robina Lions Club have committed to raise funds for the  Big Red Kidney Bus for Kidney Health Australia.

The Big Red Kidney Bus is a Kidney Heath Program and is a free service.  The bus is a dialysis centre on wheels. They visit popular Aussie holiday locations throughout the year and people on dialysis can book their holidays around the bus. 

People like 23-year-old Grant, who went camping for the first time in his life thanks to the bus.

“I spend about four hours on dialysis three times a week. So organising a holiday is a bit crazy. A lot of people on dialysis just avoid it. But it’s easy with the Big Red Kidney Bus. You know where it’s going to be and you book your holiday around it. I went camping with my brother. We set up the tent 100 metres from the bus. So I just rolled out of bed, walked onto the bus, had my dialysis, then I was back on holiday again when I stepped off. It was great.”

Donate today and help support the Big Red Kidney Bus. 

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