Robbie's Second Chance

By Cindy's Promise

Beautiful Big chestnut Robbie needs our help. I have been helping a few local horses behind the scenes recently.

Robbie is one of them. Given that we are so full and have a waiting list - I try to help manage or home horses wherever I can. This lovely boy is only 12 yo and won over 163 GRAND in his racing career! Robbie has had some soundness issues and is now needing our help to take him in and get them properly investigated and treated. He has his whole life ahead of him and we believe he deserves this chance. Unfortunately his current owner has only had him a short time and has been unable to sort his hoof issue and can no longer afford to continue. Robbie has severe seedy toe and seperation in one of his front hooves and is also lame on this foot. On advice from our vet - We sent our master farrier out to see him last week to trim him properly and put some custom shoes on him so as to make him as comfortable as possible.

He improved immediately after Jordan’s amazing work but still needs further investigation and treatment. We now need to take the next step and have him xrayed and vet assessed.

We need to be able to raise the money for his vet check, xrays, and his first few master farrier visits. We are very full and unable to take any long term residents - however we feel confident we can get him sorted and sound for rehoming in the near future. Robbie is a lovely boy who has had beginner riders on him. And ........ well......... I’m a sucker for a red head.

So can we come together to help this gorgeous young man?

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