Power of One Day

By Catherine Wolkers

Please help me raise funds for the Mirabel Foundation! https://www.mirabelfoundation.org.au/

Mirabel is the only foundation that looks after children in NSW and VIC who are affected by parents who use drugs.  Around 12% of children in Australia are affected by parents with drug abuse - Mirabel currently supports over 1,500 of those children, taking on +/-seven new children a week.  

The Foundation helps children be rehoused with their grandparents/extended family and provides the financial and emotional support so that they can overcome the horrible experiences they've been through and have a proper childhood. 

I think one of the most important points about this charity is that they are able to stop the cycle of drug abuse within one generation, meaning your donation doesn't only help one child, but the cycle of future children having to go through the same experience. 

We will be doing a sponsored walk as part of the fundraiser on Friday, 23rd February.  Any amount that you can donate by then, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated.  



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