Please Help Us In Our Time of Need

By Cindys Promise


We are struggling. Really struggling.

We are in ankle deep mud. Everything is flooded. Our sheds, our paddocks… It’s all in mud.

The rain has hit us hard. This is on top of the dreaded lockdown which has literally brought our fundraising down significantly and stopped us from being able to rehome our horses. 

It’s tough! Our quad bike and trailor are both struggling… to be honest we are all struggling with the current conditions. We knew 2020 would be tough but probably not this tough.

It certainly has taken its toll and we need to reach out to you tonight so we can raise much needed funds to clear our vet and hay bills.

Coronavirus has certainly made it so much tough. We’re only allowed minimal volunteers at the moment and our ability to rehome has evaporated, meaning we have to do double the workload in these pretty tough conditions.

We also can’t currently train our horses. 

We love what we do. Our team truly does but in these times we need to turn to you for help. 

We need to raise $5,000 tonight

Just $5 from each and every one of you would help us so very much. 

Here’s hoping xx 

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