Please Help Us In Our Time of Need

By Cindy's Promise


We have a couple of URGENT horses needing help ASAP. 2 horses on our list of many needing help are really needing a lifeline fast. The most urgent being a 16 yo mare with severe laminitis and also believed to be pregnant. The owners simply don’t have the money to treat her and have run out of options. Severe laminitis is serious enough without the possibility of carrying a foal on board.

This girl is in a lot of pain and needs transporting ASAP and stabling, vet assessment, pregnancy scanning, specialist farrier treatment and very careful nutrition as she is very very overweight but also needs to provide essential nutrients to her baby should her pregnancy be confirmed. These cases can be very expensive, time consuming and can have lengthy rehabilitation periods. We would really like to get her here to CP ASAP to get her on some treatment. We also have a dear old very skinny grey boy that’s needs help ASAP.

We simply can’t commit to taking both of these urgent horses currently BUT I have secured an amazing home for this boy with a rescue friend who will spoil him rotten for the rest of his days. This sweet man is said to have been a show horse, RDA horse and city carriage horse in his younger days. Now he find himself very skinny and abandoned. We need to cover the cost of this boys transport in order to get him safe and sound. So what we need in order to help these 2 (or possibly 3 if the mare is indeed in foal) is to raise the funds to get them both transported to safety and also the funds to cover the mares first couple of months in rehab.

Vet assessment & treatment, hoof Xrays, pregnancy scan, dentistry, farrier, vaccination & worming programs, stable bedding, specialist farrier care, hay, feed and supplements. PLEASE Can you help us reach our goal to get these souls the help they need?

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