Please Help Clear Our Vet Bills

By Capricorn Animal Aid


We need your help tonight. We’ve had a huge couple of months with an abundance of unwanted pets. Although our vets are incredibly generous in our mission to help these animals, the hundreds of animals we are taking in does not come without significant costs as almost none have veterinary work.

It really has drained our bank balance and we are counting on you. We are proud of all the animals we have saved but now need your help.

Recently we rescued Bella and her 8 puppies from the pound, one who is unwell and needs extra veterinary care. We also saved another 6 puppies from the Yeppoon pound and then another 2 from private surrender, both having the dreadful parvo disease. And of course we can’t forget dear Oscar who has been battling heart worm that we have been treating. It has been an expensive time at CAA with no end in sight n terms of rescuing abandoned animals. They just keep on coming and as you know we just don’t want to say no.

So tonight, please dig deep. Help us raise $5,000 to clear our vet bills. 

Just $5 from each of you, the cost of an ice cream on a hot summer’s day is all we need from each of you. Please help us help the animals and of course please share this with your friends to help this go viral.


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