Please answer their cries for help

By Soquiichi Rescue Ranch


We’ve had a big week. Actually it’s been one of our biggest. We have rescued 28 new animals …. It’s been huge.

We just had to step in… We miraculously assisted someone with rescuing a huge family of wild kitties from a local suburb. In total a family of 13.

Next we worked overnight to rescue and get a ginger mum and her babies to safety versus being left beside a road. On top of this, we rescued and picked up a sick battery hen from beside a local road.

Then there were three adult cats from southern NSW. Five unwanted kittens from northern NNSW and last but not not least, 2 sick adult cats from Young in NSW and a pregnant cat with labour issues….

Of course most of you know Sophie, dropped at us on Sunday night with the size of her head looking like a basketball. She has already needed 4 vet visits and isn’t out of the woods yet.

I’m not sure why we had so many calls for help in one week.

To be honest, we were running on adrenalin. Our team were working until the wee hours to do these rescues, sometimes in pretty putrid conditions but it was all worth it.

We need your help now tonight to raise $5,000. As you can imagine a number of these precious animals needed immediate vet care and of course feed. It all adds up and without enough regular givers, we now need to reach out to you for help.

I know the fires have drained a lot of your bank balances, but I’m asking you to spare just $5 for our rescue tonight. The rescue that goes above and beyond when the calls for help come.

The rescue that keeps on keeping on, despite being continuously knocked down. The rescue that currently has less than $1,000 in our bank account with a lot of bills to pay by the end of the week.

Can you answer our call tonight?  Can you answer the call of our precious kittens crying out for help?

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