Pepper's Plight

By Safe Haven

We have received an urgent request for help. 

Pepper is a 6 year old shih tsu mix, who was found on the road after being hit by a motorcycle. 

She has a fractured front leg, a fractured jaw, and is in a critical state. 

Unfortunately her owners are not able to provide the care she needs, and have asked that she be handed to rescue. 

We are Pepper's only option, however her care is going to be expensive, and ongoing. 

To be able to save Pepper, we need to authorise surgery. She has been stabilised, however her injuries need immediate attention. 

Specialist surgery to save her, including fixing her leg, jaw and stabilising her other injuries is going to cost over $5000. To be able to proceed with the surgery, we have to put down a deposit of $2500. 

We need to raise funds NOW to be able to do this. Pepper has been let down by so many people - left for dead in the middle of the road, and surrendered in her time of need. Thankfully someone has stepped up to rally for this girl and reached out to us for help, but we can't save her without the assistance of our supporters. We have been told how sweet and patient Pepper is, even after her traumatic experience all she wants is love. She is stoic and strong, going approximately 12 hours without pain relief after her injuries occurred - yet still only greeting everyone with quiet wags and attempts to seek affection. 

Even with her broken jaw she is asking for food (especially delicious roast chicken!), we think she is likely to be a bit food obsessed once she's healed up... 

We can't bear to say no to a dog with such love and zest for life. But, we can't save her without your help. 

Can you help us, help Pepper? 

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