Our Rescue is Counting on You

By Guardian Angel Animal Rescue


In the last four weeks we have taken in 27 dogs. It’s not a joke – we’ve just had emergency after emergency who have all needed our help. As you can imagine, we are out of a lot of things… we are completely out of food, flea and worming products, toys - and hope. It has mentally drained us. Seriously… We don't know how we will continue their care, without some help! Our sheds are empty and we don't have the money to buy more supplies; the extra expenses here are there are killing us.

We have had some health issues come in; not just the Parvo puppies from a council pound - but also the neglected puppies who needed extra vet consults and medications, and special diets; some came in injured and with unattended infections also. We've got Forrest needing her next month's worth of Apoquel for her allergies. Basil needs more Apoquel AND arthritis injections. We've got Brock still battling his mystery illness. We've got Ruby recovering after she hurt her foot badly.

We had Shadow in the vet being treated but we lost him anyway; same with Cher. We spent $1000 between them both but they died, but the invoice is still needing to be paid. It's draining to have to worry about a bill for an animal who's no longer with us. We have so many 'small extra' expenses each week that it amounts to literally hundreds each week. That on top of our fuel, insurance, printing and ink etc- it's adding up and fast.

We need to raise $2,000 tonight. It’s not a joke. This will help pay our bills and get us back on our feet. I mean literary. Just $5 from each and every one of you will help us so much. It’s just the cost of a box of chocolates but one that will help us save more lives. I’m counting on you. Our rescue is counting on you. Our dogs are counting on you.

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