NUP To The Cup - YUP to Saving Pups!

By Jessica

Say NUP to the CUP and YES to saving PUPS!

Its called the 'race that stops the nation' - but it's time our nation stopped the race. We may be a dog and cat rescue but we care about all animals; we are asking for your help to say NUP TO THE CUP and instead put your money and time into a cause that saves lives, instead of costing them.

Horse racing is statistically the most dangerous 'sport' for their riders, with more injuries recorded per thousand hours, than any other sport. The toll on the horses is also unforgivable. From July 2016 until July 2017, 137 horses died. Reports put the "wastage" rate for horses in training or racing at about 40 per cent. Perform, or be sent to slaughter. Owners arent spending money on horses who don't perform.

Those who do perform, you may be told live a 'life of luxury'. How many times do you see a photo of a race horse rolling in the grass, being patted by its rider... Well you'd pat something that makes you that money too, if the cameras were out. Let's not look past the fact they only get good food so they race better. They're well vetted, because they are injured by the race. Horses that do make the grade are subject to gruelling exercise regimes from a young age. They suffer torn tendons and deformities from high impact exercise so young in life. 40% of horses tested at Melbourne University has bleeding in the lungs from racing. Not to mention the damage whipping inflicts... Horses twitcy when a FLY lands on them- imagine how much they feel a whip. Hit yourself hard on the leg with a belt, repeatedly and as fast as you can, for the duration of this Melbourne cup and let us know how that area feels. The abuse is unforgivable.

Instead of doing office tips today, please consider donating to our rescue. The last four weeks alone we have taken in 33 dogs and almost 40 cats. With each dog costing an immediate $175 in vet work, and cats $135... You do the math. We are struggling and need your help! We are desperately low on puppy and kitten food and need YOUR help to feed our animals. Put your money where it's NEEDED and fund a rescue, not a killer. Say NUP to the CUP- and YUP to saving PUPS! 


If you and four friends donate just $3 each, that's enough to worm a litter of kittens. If you and four friends donate $10 each, we can vaccinate a puppy against parvo, distemper and hepatitis!! Together we can fund rescues, not abuse xx

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