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Martin’s Store is a free or donations only fruit and vegetable market. Martin is five-years-old and has been running his store for over 2 years. His favourite days to open shop are on the very busy Geelong Cats home game days. Next weekend, Martin will use his fruit market to raise funds for Geelong Mums . Welcome home baby packages are what Martin will buy for families in need. What typically costs a family well over $900, Geelong Mums can do for $126 with the help of donations from you and their ever so essential volunteers. 

Date/ time: 24/08/2019 2:30-4:40 pm

Location: Noble Street, Victoria (next to Buxton Newtown). 

Individuals or companies who would like to donate but are unable to come high five Martin on game day, please donate here.

Martin has learned that his market is more successful when, as a community, we work together. Martin has organised a few partners -

East Fruit Market in East Geelong will supply the fruit
• Siblings and great friend Liam
• Mum
• MOST important - Geelong community

Martin and Mum's conversation:

Mum: 'Martin who do you want to help this Geelong Cats home game or would you prefer to keep the money in your piggy bank?'

Martin: 'What does a mum or dad do if they can't afford all the things a baby needs?'

Mum: Well, in Geelong, I know many families go to Geelong Mums.

Martin: Then I want the money to go to Geelong Mums!

Lets work together to support families in need!


(Picture by Mark Strachan)

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Martin Store Community Donations
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Martin Store community donations
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Martin s Store community donations. Thank you everyone for your help!
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