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Can we help farmers, their families and their communities come out of this drought better than they went in? 

The answer is yes. Of course we can. But it takes more than a flash-flood of money alone. If Australia really wants to help farmers, their families and communities in drought, we need to think out-of-the-box and into-the-future. 

Our charity model is unique and aims to minimise climate emergencies now and prevent them in the future.

We are the Families.

We are the Communities.

We are the Locals Living Here Right Now and we are saying we want to help communities find proactive and innovative ways to improve their own local sovereignty. We aim to link together innovative partnerships by: 

Providing short term relief through a number of foundational projects to SUSTAIN THE FARMERCreating positive social outcomes by supporting urban renewal and permanent localised fundraising opportunities to help SEED THE COMMUNITY  and Implementing longer-term recovery strategies to GROW THE FUTURE and focus on drought prevention which includes sustainable farming innovation, soil health and seed funding for community infrastructure.

What the Australian Federal Government is yet to do for our farmers and farming communities, we Australians can do for them. 

We CAN support farmers, their families and communities come out of this drought better than they went in!


1 million Aussies give a fifty. A figure broad enough to commit $10million to immediate REAL drought relief. And $40million to long view PREVENTATIVE drought relief.


Immediate relief with the aid of your donation and our partners to give fuel, telephone, electricity or grocery vouchers to farmers -when funds run out, even the smallest of bills can seem like a mountain.


We engage with the community. Self sufficiency is the aim for future resilience. This is when we introduce the innovations that we have found really work for building community strength. Local solutions and local infrastructure we can share with everyone. Community gardens building local food security, bio-fuel production using local ingredients to reduce the fuel bill, Fodder-sheds that produce feed in the most water and environmentally efficient methods available, whatever the weather….., just some of the ideas already proving to be successful.


Soil carbon is the key to our landscapes. Soil carbon holds water at 4 times its own weight in the soil. If we lift soil carbon from 1% to 2%, our soil will now hold four times as much water so when it does rain we can hold that water for future plant growth. It’s Easy to be Green, if you are in the black! Debt is one of the biggest drivers of environmental damage. If not for the debt load, farmers would not be trying to push their land so hard.

Our farmers and their communities have been putting food on our tables for generations. Our farmers produce over 93% of Australia's DAILY DOMESTIC food supply and on average $200 a week of the groceries on your table was grown by our farmers. 

It's time to give back. 

Your $50 donation is a small gesture compared to having food available daily to you and your families. For the first time in generations our farmers need your help and it is their families that are going hungry. 

So we ask you today to help us  SUSTAIN A FARMER, SEED THE COMMUNITY and GROW THE FUTURE and join our shared goal of One million Aussies give a fifty Mate. 

Be counted Australia. Be counted. It's simple heart mass | maths.



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Love you guys, Love Jess Belle xxx
Jessica Symons 2018-09-16 18:52:46
Behind everything we eat is a Farmer! Thank you all for everything you all contribute to us all. I pray for lots of Community Support, Resilience, Optimism...and the ability to laugh in the face of the circumstances! For 32 years Farmers all over the country have listened to our political satire How Green Was My Cactus for a daily laugh. Love to you all, Robyn Moore and the Cactus Team x
Robyn Moore 2018-09-11 21:20:07
Anonymous 2018-09-03 20:29:50
Hope this contribution can help our friends doing it tough on the land!
Dave Teakle 2018-08-18 18:43:39
Janine McDonald 2018-08-09 13:29:38
Thank you so much for this. What an amazing campaign. I can t wait to see this amazing charity grow.
Harwood Hotel Hotel 2018-08-08 20:39:15
Thanks for making a difference to farmers. Beta Test.
Anonymous 2018-08-08 12:54:24
Good luck. Lets stop the cycle of drought and flood through soil surface management
Andrew Ward 2018-08-08 02:02:00
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