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By Retreat for Kids

We need your HELP...

As each day unfolds WE SAVE LIVES & women, children & their pets take refuge in our safe, secure & undeniable life changing sanctuary that houses people who deserve new beginnings & hope.

In order to do so we transport food, clothing, waste disposal, donations, wheelie bins filled with vegetables to feed animals, women from hospitals, police stations, court, children from school etc & our one & only vehicle has now reached its final stages & we DESPERATELY need a vehicle.

A Ute - minimum 5 seater, tow bar, safe, secure vehicle to continue to operate our refuge.

We also need an automatic lifter installed onto the vehicle to lift 120+ kilo bins as it’s physically impossible for Simone to do so after dislocating her hip recently - physical labor is imperative yet assistance is needed.

WITHOUT this we will not be able to operate.

Simone & Nigel who own the refuge have used their entire life savings to open the refuge & we receive no government funding - we continue to operate through donations of kindness

Does anyone have contacts through a car yard who would kindly donate a good reliable (new or second hand) Ute ?

📍📍 This donation is tax deductible

We DESPERATELY need the help of the public here to secure a vehicle & continue to not only save lives but feed, house & brighten women & children’s lives

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Kirsten Little 2018-12-15 10:03:21
Thank you for helping these beautiful women, children and pets
Brittany Pearson 2018-10-25 13:48:13
I wish I hadve had a place to go to like your refuge with my kids when I needed help escaping DV, I wish I could give you more.
Michelle Charles 2018-10-21 09:42:52
Thank you , I wish I could do more.
Anonymous 2018-10-20 18:55:45
I appreciate what you do.
Anonymous 2018-10-20 13:32:52
Anonymous 2018-10-18 14:55:03
Anonymous 2018-10-15 21:35:42
Anonymous 2018-10-13 20:17:54
Anonymous 2018-10-13 14:54:52
All the best wishes blessings for the fabulous job you are doing, Simmone Nigel....
Anonymous 2018-10-13 12:00:03
Anonymous 2018-10-13 09:35:00
Jo Coker 2018-10-13 07:30:09
Anonymous 2018-10-12 17:18:27
Rebecca Zmuda 2018-10-12 14:47:39
Debi Scott 2018-10-12 00:06:08
Thank you for all the wonderful work you do. I hope you reach your goal. If we all pitch in to help a little can go a long way.
Anonymous 2018-10-11 23:11:43
EHI 2018-10-11 20:27:16
Eliza Seward 2018-10-11 19:45:17
Anonymous 2018-10-11 19:23:40
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