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By The Winged Horse Equine Inc


We need your urgent help. Today should be a happy day as it’s the horse’s birthday. I wish it was, but it’s full of stress.

We’ve had a really hard year. Donations are down, actually they have pretty much stopped. The bushfires and now COVID-19 has pretty much made sure it has been near impossible to raise any funds.

However, the horses in our care still need our help. We’ve got 40 horses and ponies. They are so beautiful and each day I’m stressed. Stressed at how we will keep them fed. Make sure we have adequate funds for vet bills as they occur. My sickness has also made it really hard but we have to keep on going.

The other alpacas, sheep, goats, cats and chickens we have with us all depend on us. We’ve recently had to start turning animals away in need, despite having the room and the facilities as our funds have nearly dried up.

It pains my heart. I was put on this planet to rescue and rehabilitate and having to turn away animals is just too terrible.

However, the food, farrier, dental and vet bills don’t stop. I’ve tossed and turned and decided we need to do something.

Times are extremely tough but we need to raise enough funds to pay our outstanding bills and get back to what we do best, helping those who call out for our help.

I founded this rescue to answer every call and today on the horse’s birthday I’m asking you to answer my call for help. To help save our rescue.

We need to raise $20K.

Just $5 from each and every one of you would help get us over the line. It’s just the cost of your next cup of coffee but one that will make sure we can continue to save our precious horses and animals during this pandemic. We know it’s going to get worse before it gets better, so desperately need your help now.

Let’s do this for our horses.

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Anonymous 2020-11-03 19:15:20
Hannah Dahmen 2020-11-03 14:29:08
From Roxy
Jarka Rey 2020-09-26 09:18:14
You are an amazing organization
Anonymous 2020-08-27 11:49:31
Hi Sweetie hope this helps a bit...your a legend doing what you do Take care Karen Taranto
Karen Taranto 2020-08-21 15:50:23
Good luck with fundraiser, thank you for your work.
Anonymous 2020-08-18 14:05:15
For the horses I wish I could have myself.
Lynn Smith 2020-08-17 18:29:22
All the very best to you all. This is in honour of my Canadian friend, Rochelle. We donate to animal charities instead of buying each other birthday gifts..
Lee McKay 2020-08-17 14:06:43
Dawn Scoltock 2020-08-17 14:04:48
Anonymous 2020-08-17 09:35:23
Beastie Bites Bites 2020-08-16 23:36:01
JLZ ROSE 2020-08-16 22:41:11
Rosanna Bowes 2020-08-16 21:00:18
Anonymous 2020-08-16 20:50:53
Hope you get to your goal soon. You are doing a wonderful job, thanks and how blessed are the animals having people like you to care for them
Anonymous 2020-08-16 20:26:01
Anonymous 2020-08-16 20:08:45
Nic and Jaz Vella 2020-08-16 18:59:34
Anonymous 2020-08-16 18:03:19
I hope you get to your goal amount. I m an ex horse owner and I know they require a lot of funds. Hopefully in the near future I ll be in a position to donate regularly.
Robyn Howell 2020-08-16 17:35:36
Anni Abela 2020-08-16 16:53:24
LYNDALL MCNEIL 2020-08-16 16:47:16
Anonymous 2020-08-16 16:45:31
You are a beautiful lady Carolyn
Charlotte Furness 2020-08-16 16:44:14
Keep up the great work x
Jenny Rundell 2020-08-16 16:09:20
A compassionate initiative.
Maureen Butterworth 2020-08-14 19:15:52
Adinda Dawson 2020-08-14 11:38:00
T Eyre 2020-08-13 20:31:02
From my Coronae Burmese kittens.
Joan Hartrick 2020-08-13 14:18:47
Hang in there everyone! You are doing a sensational job. Take good care, Nina
Nina Ditterich 2020-08-13 11:19:45
Hannah Petrie 2020-08-10 08:23:22
Point Lonsdale Guest House Lonsdale Guest House 2020-08-09 20:20:49
Jessica Young 2020-08-09 12:12:51
Sorry to hear you guys are struggling at the moment. Thanks for all the amazing work you do. Massive hugs to all the animals and volunteers there. xx
Anna Wild-Fyfe 2020-08-09 09:19:06
Hi, just wanted to say what an awesome job you re doing.i have donated what I can,do you ever need volunteer helpers
Noeleen Rawson 2020-08-09 08:37:40
Good luck and keep doing the wonderful work you do so well.
Anonymous 2020-08-08 23:56:59
Claire Blewitt 2020-08-08 22:34:12
Good luck
The Winged Horse Equine Welfare Winged Horse Equine Welfare 2020-08-08 22:20:31
Lucy Broome 2020-08-08 22:07:00
Anonymous 2020-08-08 22:05:53
I sincerely hope you reach your goal and continue caring for these beautiful animals
Chris Wright 2020-08-08 21:54:47
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