Help Save HENRY

By Cindy's Promise


We need your urgent help. Please help us save a life tonight.

This is Henny. She is just a baby. 6 months old and just starting her life.

Unfortunately this baby injured her eye and is now blind in that eye - meaning that she won’t be able to do what she was bred for which is race. Her eye will likely need surgical removal in the near future but she is otherwise a beautiful foal - healthy and full of life!!! Her owners have gone above and beyond for her including visits to specialists etc but the reality is they simply can’t keep her. So they reached out to us to give her one last chance at life.

We have a lot of bills and we have stipulated that we will ONLY be taking this little girl if we can raise the funds..

We need to raise $3,000.

This will help pay our current vet bill and initial costs as well as have her eye removed surgically in the near future.

It is seriously life and death

Can you please donate just $5? The cost of a cup of coffee but one that will help save a life.

Please please help Henry tonight. We receive no government funding so we are in your hands tonight.

Please donate now

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