Help Out Sick Puppies

By Guardian Angel Animal Rescue


We do not like asking for help, but we need YOUR help now. It is a matter of these puppies living or dying. Over the last two weeks, we have taken in two separate litters that have required around the clock care for a gastrointestinal issue. The care, sleepless nights, headaches and phone calls have been intensive and now, we are going through it all again.

The first litter, we incurred the costs and utilised the ‘extra money’ we had from donations, but now with another litter arriving into care sick, we need YOU to help. The first litter cost $1300 in vet bills, and now we are looking at another $1300 at least to save these little lives. They are currently at the vet receiving supportive care and medication.

We have another beautiful dog, Kobie who is going to cost approximately $2500 in vet care. He requires entropion eye surgery on both eyes, a skin biopsy to work out the issues going on with his skin, a back-leg surgery to fix a ruptured cruciate and a specific raw diet to assist with on-going issues.

We are looking to raise $5000.00 within the next 24 hours to provide these puppies and Kobie with all of the vet treatment required.

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