Help me raise $3000 to go to Borneo and help look after orphaned orangutans in their natural habitat

By Jolene

I'm raising funds to help me go on a trip of a lifetime working with the beautiful Orangutans of Borneo, who desperately need our help. 

Big Palm Oil companies are aggressively destroying their homes, flattening the land through forest fires and the use of heavy machinery. Sadly the orangutans are either displaced or killed and even worse burned alive. Many babies are left orphaned. It's utterly devastating. 

My mission is to go to an orphanage in Borneo where baby Orangutans are rescued. Scared and alone, the work of BOS is to nurture them with love and support so that they can one day be free to live in the wild on their own. 

BOS also works on securing valuable land in Borneo so that the Orangutans have a safe natural habitat, free from the devastating destruction of Palm oil companies. 

This trip has been a lifelong dream. If anyone used to ask me what I'd be doing for work if I could do it all over again? I always said I'd be in the jungle working with Orangutans! 

So please help me make my lifelong dream a reality and help support the lives of these dear primates. 

Much love!


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