Help Create Some Magic this Easter

By Soquilichi Rescue Ranch


It’s Easter Sunday. A time of family, a time of belonging, a time of eating and laughs.

Unfortunately…. Not for us…..

We’re battling, we’re rescuing, we’re feeding, we’re making sure all the foster carers are under control. It’s tough… really tough..

Rescue is a 24/7 job – it’s an endless cycle and days like today make you stop and think (even if it’s for just 5 minutes before the next call comes in).

I’m asking you all to stop and think to today, just for a short time and do something magical that will be the best thing you do this Easter. I promise.

We have a vet bill – it’s close to $3,000 that we are desperate to pay off. It’s actually due on Tuesday…we’ve had an influx of mummy cats who all lost their babies sadly in a pound and had to be quarantined on drips due to severe cat flu. It’s just so sad and the costs really rose.

We also had poor Lily, whom we lost – but we tried our best. I promise you. We rushed her to the vets, put her straight on oxygen but she gave in to pneumonia (gulp). She was under 24/7 observation and the costs ran into the thousands. 

So tonight, Easter, a day of joy and eating… I’m asking each and every one of you, to stop for a few minutes. Think about how fortunate you are, and also think of our team rescuing, never stopping, in our quest to give our animals and those that need our help, the best chance of a better future.


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Stuart Leyh 2019-04-22 20:20:58
Jenny Ryland 2019-04-22 15:53:06
Karen Hughes 2019-04-22 13:40:33
carol johnson 2019-04-22 08:49:12
Good luck Miranda, wish I could win darn lotto then you wouldn t have to worry again. Lots of love to you all, you do an awesome job. Will share.
Dee Marriott 2019-04-22 05:28:56
Leanne Gale 2019-04-22 02:13:16
Samantha Muggeridge 2019-04-21 21:51:42
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