Fuzzy Head for Fuzzy Friends

By Sarah

Please help these furry babies! There's 70 huskies and malamutes in the NSW branch of this specific rescue alone, and without any financial help this rescue could shut down and who knows what will happen to these gorgeous boys and girls 

Arctic breeds (including akita and shiba inus, chow chows, spitz and elkhounds, laikas, lapphounds, some european sheepdogs and more, even samoyeds!) have one of the highest rates of abandonment due to little education about their breed-specific traits and behaviours.

Like how chow chow and sharpei owners know their dogs will have black tongues, or how basenji owners know their dogs are the only breed unable to bark, arctic breed owners should be briefed on the behaviours and characteristics of the dogs they are welcoming into their homes so no "surprises" will send innocent pups to the pound. These dogs should not have to suffer because of who they are.

Skip one coffee or more and donate to save a dog's life!

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Anonymous 2018-12-02 07:57:23
Lisa Williams 2018-11-30 09:43:41
Lisa Williams 2018-11-30 09:42:11
I love u my bean
Cheyne Howard 2018-11-29 14:26:18
justice 4 doggos
Darrell Beveridge 2018-11-29 13:55:41
Kristy Simpson 2018-11-29 13:36:02
You had me at Doggos.
Cathy Middleton 2018-11-23 16:45:00
Maree Hail 2018-11-22 13:08:32
Love the sentiment Sarah, well done!
Karla Skarda 2018-11-20 10:32:30
All the best in your effort to help poor aminals.
philip mendonca 2018-11-20 08:55:28
Libby Gair 2018-11-18 10:11:05
God bless ya loov
Brandon Carnegie 2018-11-10 09:24:39
Good onya Sarah
Luke Kathner 2018-11-06 15:14:54
From Sav and the Young family x
Savanna Young 2018-11-06 15:11:13
You re doing something amazing, Sarah all the best with it! And don t forget to sunscreen your head p
Dani Brown 2018-11-05 09:46:35
You are a legend!
Luljeta Ali 2018-11-05 08:10:14
Love you xxx
Pandora Craufurd-Gormly 2018-11-04 19:14:21
Happy to help a great cause!!
Joy Palmer 2018-11-01 17:03:04
Anonymous 2018-10-31 09:57:01
rhys renwick 2018-10-30 14:38:01
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