Funds needed to pay for Ellie's second leg surgery

By Big Ears Animal Sanctuary

It's Ellie the dog again who ruptured her other cruciate ligament. Here's the content - see what you think Title: Funds needed to pay for Ellie's second leg surgery

Remember in January last year when our beautiful German Shepherd called Ellie needed cruciate ligament surgery on her rear left leg. We raised $4000 thanks to you guys and the operation was a complete success. The vets told us at the time that there was a high chance of the it happening to the rear right leg.

Well, it happened, and Ellie has come out of a $3500 surgery. We once again are going to ask you all to give generously. Ellie is a five and a half year old German Shepherd cross Border Collie. She came to Big Ears in February 2014 when she was just 7 months old.

Her owners had taken her to a vet clinic and asked for her to be put to sleep as they no longer wanted her. Unless Ellie is hiding another rear leg back there, this should be the last time she will need such a costly surgery.

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