Dollars For Dust 2019

By Dollars For Dust 2019

Did you know NSW is in one of the worst droughts it has been in for decades?

Dollars for Dust is an event to bring together communities from all over to raise our funds and have a little fun to help our farmers and their families get through the tough times with a dry season ahead and no predicted rain in the coming months! 

Dollars for Dust will be raising funds and passing them on to The Drought Angels to help them work their magic. Dollars for Dust is night of food, raffles, auctions, beer and whole lot of cheer, let’s bring a little country spirit to the city and chip in some coin for the beef tenderloin!

If you are unable to attend our shindig (you will be sorry if you miss it!) We would love to see your support non the less,  so chip in some bucks.. every dollar counts! 

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