Desperate Help Needed Tonight

By Rescue Cats Safe Haven


Please help us tonight. Our bank balance is really low and we have so many bills to pay. Vets, food, the normal every day bills… the list goes on and we are so very stressed.

The cries for help have not stopped. They have gotten louder and louder as the months have passed.

COVID has taken its toll. It’s taken its toll on us. We are stressed, both mentally and physically. This is just what we need to put up with. It’s rescue, it’s why we were put on this planet. 

Our volunteers are stressed, our foster carers are stressed.. It takes its toll.

However, on top of this, we have the financial stress. Donations have dropped off. We used to get a number of big once off donations that kept us going but these have gone.

However, our costs have increased. The calls for help, the increase in food requirements for our cats have not decreased and we need you tonight. 

100 plus cats in our care and no government funding means we desperately need help. And now.. We can’t wait or we will have to start turning cats away.

Just in the past 2 weeks we have had 7 dental surgeries, and an entropian surgery. On top of this are the regular Health checks, sedation and vaccination of our 25 sanctuary cats and we have more to book in next month but at this stage there will be no bookings until we can get our bills under control. We just can't survive otherwise.

It pains us so much but as we near the end of the month we must clear our bills. Our cats and kittens are crying out for our love and we can’t let them down.

We need to urgently raise $10,000 tonight. 

Just $5 from each and every one of you would help us so much. It’s the cost of your next cup of coffee but one that will help us so much. It will mean we can get back to what we do best. Saving lives. 

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So much love and hugs to you and all the kitties!
Bridget Freeman 2020-09-11 10:56:36
Anonymous 2020-09-09 12:30:55
Anonymous 2020-09-07 21:04:44
Keep up the good work.
Anonymous 2020-09-07 11:38:18
Ken Thorpe 2020-09-07 06:26:38
You made your goal!
Steven Swann 2020-09-06 18:21:19
Anonymous 2020-09-06 18:08:10
Jane Barnet 2020-09-06 14:46:05
I hope this helps
Melinda Cox 2020-09-06 07:55:31
Dominique Gartlan 2020-09-05 17:31:26
Susan Burke 2020-09-05 16:13:24
Cathleen Nesvadba 2020-09-05 14:03:32
Cheryl Frogson 2020-09-05 11:46:36
Wilma Carson 2020-09-05 11:27:07
Anonymous 2020-09-05 11:20:10
Orla Fleming 2020-09-05 07:18:16
Keep chin up Jayde we are here to help
Barbara Hayes 2020-09-05 06:32:40
Anonymous 2020-09-05 04:55:45
Best wishes for the great work you do
Narelle Brown 2020-09-04 21:56:48
Merrin Prins 2020-09-04 21:47:36
You guys are amazing
Anonymous 2020-09-04 21:00:01
Rachel Watson 2020-09-04 20:33:05
You all do such an amazing job. Our kitty Evie owes her life to you.
Jenny Reynolds 2020-09-04 20:26:36
I appreciate very much what Rescue Cats do. I would donate more, if I could afford to ... and will do, if or when I m able to. Keep up the fantastic work you do. I love cats, but alas am only allowed one cat pet at my rental property, and he s a loved spoilt pussycat of 12 years old who I ve had since a kitten. I do hope you can reach your optimal amount.
Susan Steele 2020-09-04 19:02:21
Corina McKenzie 2020-09-04 18:16:32
KA YI NG 2020-09-04 18:05:50
Keep on keeping on lovely ladies.
Robyn Moran 2020-09-04 18:05:17
Alison Cash 2020-09-04 18:04:27
KA YI NG 2020-09-04 18:03:41
Well done guys for supporting this! Dave
Dave Clemence 2020-09-04 17:52:28
Ursula Gehrke 2020-09-04 16:54:02
Please hang in there the work you do is amazing!
Maree Persen 2020-09-04 15:43:28
I know exactly what your going through xx
Chris Bowden 2020-09-04 15:10:04
lauren walsh 2020-09-04 14:49:12
Anonymous 2020-09-04 13:38:44
Rowena McDougall 2020-09-04 13:28:55
Keep up the great work.
Suzanne ELSON 2020-09-04 13:23:40
Sandra Sims 2020-09-04 13:11:00
Kerrie-Lynne Thomas 2020-09-04 12:44:05
Thanks Rebecca xx
Metanat Saroukhani 2020-09-04 12:41:16
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