CAA Puppy Appeal

By Juanita Peoples

Hi Everyone! My name is Missy, and… well, I really need your help.

I’m a good girl, but I got tangled up with the wrong guy. It was just a one night thing, but I ended up in a bit of a situation. I now have ELEVEN reminders I’m looking after. Oh, and guess what?! That guy is nowhere to be seen! I thought he was different…

Luckily, my owner contacted Capricorn Animal Aid and they have agreed to help me out and make me part of their Last Litter Program. Basically, once I do my bit and care for ALL THE PUPPIES, they will help with their vet work and find them incredible homes. I’m so appreciative. The best bit is they are going to take me to the vet too, so this will never happen again. I’ve well and truly learnt my lesson. Eleven is a lot! I see humans looking tired with one… swap ya? Haha.

Anyway, back to the HELP part… my pups are going to need 3 vaccinations each. As well as flea and worm treatments. Then when they are old enough, they too will be desexed. So that’s 33 vaccinations, 33 flea and worm treatments (given monthly with vaccinations), 11 microchips and 11 desexing surgeries… and that’s if they all have a perfect bill of health!

Please, Capricorn Animal Aid could really use donations to assist with the financial requirements of these puppies. If you could spare even a tiny amount, it all adds up. If you cannot spare anything right now that’s ok too, but could you please share this post and get it seen as much as possible.

PLEASE READ… My babies are not ready for adoption yet, but will be available in a month or so. CAA will be opening expressions of interest in the next week or two, but please don’t submit enquiries until you see the post. I know how beautiful my pups are (they take after their Mumma), and I know that CAA will be inundated. They have been so helpful to me so I ask you to please be patient and wait for the post before enquiring.

Thanking you from the bottom of my paws, Missy xx

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