By Kathie Elliott

There are walks, runs, and shaves for charity but with Booktober I'll be stopping, taking a breath, and reading a book (or 3!) – all for a great cause.

Funds raised through the Booktober initiative will put books into the hands of underprivileged kids in the Greater Western Sydney region.

Through Booktober I am hoping to raise much needed funds for brand new books and ongoing Westwords’ literacy programs run in Western Sydney.

Some of these young people have never even owned a book, let alone had the opportunity to attend a literacy program that will encourage them to tell their own stories. WestWords have worked with nearly 30 schools in this past year and seen first-hand the need for their programs and the amazing outcomes. In a region that includes 150 cultures, and over 170 different languages spoken, WestWords are able to create a platform for these kids to build confidence, discover commonality within their differences and create their own identity. Quite simply, literacy changes lives.

Much as you would pledge for a friend to run 10km, can you pledge for me to read at least four books this Booktober? I'll be giving you a book review at the end of each one, and your donation will ensure that for each book I read - a book is given to a kid that may never have owned one before. Not bad huh?!

What are you waiting for? Get giving!!




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Read an audio book for me please.
Emma Bennison 2019-10-06 22:50:53
Read one for me!
Kim McCoomb 2019-10-04 19:13:53
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